Swipay – Dashboard + Mobile App

We have automated every aspect of your recurring billing. Merchants can now migrate all their subscription customer base onto Swipay Software seamlessly and start generating bills based on their usage patterns. And customers can now sync all their monthly consumer goods into one place!

Merchants can…

  • Create Swipay
    merchant account

  • Upload their products/
    Services onto the App

  • Streamline their

Customers can……

  • Create Swipay
    user account

  • Start paying for their
    monthly consumables

  • Milk, water, LPG, DTH,
    Petrol / Diesel, Groceries

  • Main a record of their
    monthly consumables

Value Added Services

Swipay dashboard has inbuilt comprehensive features:

  • Swipay helps keep payments, inventory, fulfillment, and all your data systems perfectly in sync 
  • Just attach customers to plans, and Swipay takes care of billing them every month (or week, day, or year).
  • Let Swipay do the math If a user changes their subscription mid-month, we’ll automatically work out how much they owe.
  • Every billing model Swipay integrates with even the most tricky subscription models.
  • Monthly Metered billing
    Swipay helps automate complicated calculations to support usage-based plans that vary in price each month. 
  • Convenient Recurring pricing
    Easily work with plans that have a base price and per-user amount—we’ll handle any quantity changes automatically.
  • Value Added Services
    Our software offers flexibility for customers to customize their subscriptions.
  • Multiple services in Single Sign-on
    Customers can subscribe to multiple products / services from a single customer with one account.

Swipay mPOS

The most powerful mPOS in Indian Market!

Tech Specs

  • PCI & EMVCo Certified Chip & Pin (PTS), Chip & Signature and Mag & Signature/Pin

  • Silk smooth Bluetooth pairing – simply connects with your compatible smartphone and tablet

  • Preconfigured and linked to merchant's account during on-boarding
  • Extreme simplicity - download and launch the mobile application, plug in the reader and it just works
  • Brand new built-for-purpose EMV Kernel
  • Remote activation, deactivation and reactivation
  • Remote firmware upgrading
  • Optional picture and geological appended to each transaction record
  • Merchant transaction management, reporting and analysis

Swipay VAS Software Suite

By providing you with right payment solution, we are just getting started. We have bundled a full-suite Back Office Software into our Dashboard - digital receipts, inventory, and sales reports and provides valuable analytics and feedback. And all this for FREE!

  • Sales

  • Service &

  • Marketing

  • User

  • Small

  • Large

  • Cloud

  • Security

  • Ease of use

  • Analytics